For us, selecting thoughtful options means deciding on products that offer the right compromise between many factors, not just green washing for PR. We take into consideration the utility of the product, the price, safety, its carbon impact by travel distance and environmental impact in a landfill or if delivered to a recycling center as well as the current manufacturing processes for all options vs. historical processes of traditional options.


We have phased out styrofoam containers and have found suitable alternatives for all of them!  We are using Earthchoice recyclable takeout containers for our takeout orders.  For those customers taking home leftovers after dining in our restaurants, we have recycled paper small boxes available at all of our restaurants as well.

About our takeout containers:

  • Our Earthchoice hinged takeout containers are recyclable and made in the USA. (ECSustainableProducts)
  • All beverages taken to go are served in either a paper solo cup or a compostable plant-based cup made in the USA. (www.f-k.com)


  • Our garbage can liners are produced from 100% post-consumer plastic.
  • We recycle all cardboard, mixed paper, glass, cans, and plastics that come into our restaurants.
  • We recycle all of the canola oil used in our crisp cooking processes.