Saddle Bar Story

Our Saddle Bar concept has had to change during the pandemic. Bars and in-door eating and drinking are not permissible in Santa Clara County. This includes our Saddle Bars. However we do offer Industrial Swirls and Industrial Drinks for takeout and patio consumption.

Our Industrial Swirls and drinks remain available for purchase for takeout and online, but must be purchased in conjunction with a food item. Other restrictions may be found on our Industrial Swirls page (click here).

Saddle Bar Story: Industrial Strength Swirls and More

Aqui Saddle Bars offer a full bar, an extensive selection of sipping tequilas and a large list of inspired margaritas, including our Industrial Strength Swirls™, Industrial Rocks, Craft Cocktails and hand crafted drinks like our Oliver Rocks and Classico Rocks. Note: hand crafted cocktails available only at our Downtown Campbell location.

Pay very special attention to our Industrial Strength Swirls which are swirled with our Industrial Strength Margarita,™ natural fruit and spirits. Don’t miss our Industrial Craft Cocktails, our version of the classic martini chilled with our Industrial Strength Margarita.™ Our Saddle Bars also offer hand crafted on the rocks specialties including our award winning Carlitos Cadillac – named after our very own Carlos Tovar. Of course, we offer a full lineup of cocktails from the Habana Mojito to the Classic Martini.

Our Cupertino and Waterford Plaza Center locations include our Industrial Swirl Counters. You’ll see list of our unique Industrial Drinks lineup without the complexity of hand made drinks.

The Story of the Saddle Bar

saddlebar01When Aqui first opened in 1994, our neighbor was a wonderful man named Oliver. He ran his family business next door, which was a leather goods and saddle shop named “Oliver’s”.

After several years, Oliver decided he wanted to move closer to horse country. He sauntered over to Aqui one day for lunch, in his classic Western gentlemanly way, and said, “How ’bout Aqui taking our space next door.” Of course, we jumped at the opportunity and said yes.


Inspired by the Oliver family business that served the community for fifty years, and to honor Oliver’s consideration in offering us his space, we built our first Saddle Bar.

When in our Saddle Bars, you cannot help but notice the influence of Oliver’s legacy. You will see hand made sconces, copper and steel shelving and big stools covered in leather hides inspired by the West and Oliver’s love for horses and fine craftsmanship.

Thank you, Oliver, for trusting us to continue serving the community.