Seasonal Menu Changes

Our Ingredients

We love our food and take pride in the ingredients we choose. Our menu changes frequently to take advantage of the best local, seasonal and fresh ingredients to achieve our mission of providing the best and most unique dishes we can.

Health Yourself


We use many “superfoods” in our main menu, and specials. Below is part of our current list:

Black and Pinto Beans, California Eco-Farmed Brown rice, California grown short grain brown rice, Broccoli, Organic Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Mango, Avocado, Organic Tofu, Pumpkin seeds, Cauliflower and Sustainable Salmon.

Sustainable Salmon

Our sustainably raised salmon, sourced from British Columbia or Chile, help limit the environmental impact on our over fished oceans.

Learn more about our British Columbian Sustainable Salmon

Dishes from our Main Menu include:

  • Seafood – West Coast Salmon, Blackened Salmon
  • Seafood – Grilled Salmon Bowl
  • Salads – Grilled Salmon, Southwest Caesar (ordered with salmon option)
  • Tacos – Grilled Salmon
  • Chef Specials

Sustainable Tilapia

Regal Springs Sustainable Tilapia. All natural, sustainable, raised without antibiotics and preservative free.

Learn more about Regal Springs Tilapia

Dishes from our Main Menu include:

  • Lime-Avocado Tilapia – Seafood
  • Crisp Tilapia – Supreme Bowls

Sustainable Shrimp

Sustainable Shrimp

Our shrimp are sustainably raised without the preservative tripolyphosphate.

  • Firecracker Shrimp – Seafood
  • Grilled Shrimp Supreme Bowl
  • Baja Shrimp Burrito
  • Shrimp Taco
  • Specials
  • Wild Crab Cake

    Our Wild Crab Cake is Back

    We are using wild sustainably harvested Blue Swimmer crab from the pristine waters off the coast of Indonesia. The crab is fully cooked and pasteurized which makes it safer for our customers. Shown is our Wild Crab Cake and Enchiladas, but also available in our Wild Crab Cake Salad.

    Free Range Chicken

    Supporting Free Range

    We use Mary’s Free Range, air chilled, natural chicken breasts that are NAE (no antibiotics ever). For more information check out

    Supporting Grass Fed Beef

    We use 100% pasture raised halal beef tri-tip from Australia.

    and Vegetarian

    Vegan and Vegetarian

    We have an extensive list of vegan vegan symbol and vegetarian vegetarian symbol on our menu. You can also find out which sides and salsas are vegan on our Food and Allergy information.

    Pacific Wild Mahi Mahi

    Our Mahi Mahi is wild caught using responsible fishing techniques.

    California Grown Short Grain Brown Rice

    California Grown Short Grain brown Rice

    • Found in many of our Main Menu items
    • Whole grain
    • Non-GMO

    Our Corn–

    All of our corn is Non-GMO

    • Our chips are custom made for us from non-GMO sourced California corn and cooked in vegetable oil which does not contain soy
    • Our polenta is organic made from whole grain corn
    • We use organic yellow corn maseca for our house tamales

    Organic Tofu

    Supporting Organic Tofu

    Locally sourced from San Francisco,

    Organic Lettuce Mix, Organic Spinach and Organic Kale

    We use Arcadian Harvest organic baby lettuce, organic Lacinato kale and organic baby spinach

    Super Fruits

    Seasonal super fruits are a part of our specials and main menu. Sourced locally whenever possible. Please check our menu for our latest offerings.

    Local Farms

    Our Local Farms

    Our produce supplier is a member of Community Alliance with Family Farmers. Below is a few of our farms:

    Uesigi Farms of San Martin

    Dwelley Farms of Brentwood

    Andy’s Orchards of Morgan Hill

    Driscoll Farms of Watsonville

    Earthbound Farms of San Juan Bautista

    Organic blue Agave

    Supporting Organic

    Over 35 Sauces...

    We have over 35 original sauces, dressings, salsas, and soups

    All are made in house from scratch.


    Menu Items without Gluten Ingredients

    Many foods in our kitchen contain wheat and gluten ingredients, so interaction of ingredients on our shared surfaces are possible. A list of dishes from our menu are shown on our website that are prepared without gluten ingredients. For more information click here.

    And More

    And More

    • Our frying oil is 100% non-hydrogenated canola oil
    • We use a canola 90%, olive oil 10% blend for most recipes
    • We use locally sourced natural wheat tortillas
    • We use non-GMO sourced California corn tortillas
    • All of our dairy cheeses are pasteurized and made using vegetable enzyme rennet (and do not contain animal rennet)
    • Our organic tofu is non GMO
    • We offer Numi organic tea
    • We use Violife vegan mozzarella, made from coconut oil, pea proteins and modified food starch
    • We use organic yellow corn maseca for our Arepas and in our breading procedures

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