Our Specials

Chef created, one of a kind dishes using local, seasonal, natural, wild and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Dear Customer: Our Chefs Special will now be on a 4 week cycle. There might be some garnish or side dish changes to these plates so please check the website for current offering. Thanks for your loyal patronage.

Chef Special

Through Tuesday Aug 3rd

Guajillo BBQ Chicken

Grilled Wayne Farm, free range chicken* with guajillo-BBQ sauce, organic blue corn sope, black beans, Dwelley Farms street corn crema with cotija cheese and a watermelon-organic arugula salad. 14.49
*no antibiotics ever

Black Bean & Bacon Soup

Weekly Soup Special, garnished with tortilla strips and cotija cheese. 3.99

Upcoming Chef Special

Through Tuesday Aug 3rd

Niman Ranch Beef Taquitos

100% grass fed American beef,* Monterey Jack and spices in crisp blue corn tortillas. Served with cheddar-jalapeƱo sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, fire roasted tomato and avocado salsa, black beans, zucchini-pepita slaw and cotija cheese. 13.99
*Niman Ranch beef are pasture raised, humanely on environmentally sustainable ranches; Never given antibiotics, growth promotants or added hormones; born, bred and raised in the U.S.; all cattle are are genetically Angus.

Potato Leek Soup

Weekly Soup Special, garnished with crispy leeks (vegetarian with dairy). 3.99

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