(Update) Our New Menu Now At All Locations

Menu Highlights

We are pleased to introduce our new menu, available now at all locations. Aqui Downtown Campbell and Aqui Cupertino begin today.

Look for new Mahi Mahi plates in our seafood category, a larger vegetarian category with our new tamale and falafel, a new flavor and cooking style for all pork dishes and new grass fed beef taquitos and enchiladas. We’re really excited about our two new sauces, lemongrass and Jambalaya, that you’ll see with different plates in multiple categories. We hope you love our new creations as much as we do. Please check your favorite item carefully there might be slight changes to the plate. Thanks.

Launch Dates By Location

Aqui Downtown Willow Glen: Tuesday, Nov 2nd
Aqui Blossom Valley and Aqui Waterford Plaza: Tuesday, Nov 9th
Aqui Downtown Campbell and Aqui Cupertino: Tuesday, Nov 16th

New Menu Highlights

Visit our New Menu Highlights (click here).