New Summer Menu Highlights

Chef Notes

New Summer Menu

Welcome to new Summer Menu. Some of our favorite sides return including organic spinach noodle cake, mashed sweet potatoes, pistachio-black rice cake, roasted corn brown rice and grilled zucchini. This gives our plates the tastes, textures and health qualities that we hope you will love as much as we do. We are also expanding our seafood options with wild mahi mahi and grilled sustainable shrimp as well as a plant based meat substitute. Please carefully check ingredients on your favorite menu items because they might have changed. Cheers.

New Summer Menu Highlights

Mahi Mahi Piccata New

Wild Pacific mahi grilled with paprika and served with chipotle-lemon butter, capers, sun-dried tomato salsa, organic spinach-noodle cake, grilled zucchini and lemon aioli. 13.89

Blackened Salmon

Now with mashed sweet potatoes

Cajun spiced sustainable salmon with chipotle-lemon butter, mango, mashed sweet potatoes and Aqui slaw. 13.89

West Coast Salmon

Now with pistachio black rice cake

Grilled sustainable salmon, blood orange vinaigrette, papaya, red cabbage-daikon radish slaw, broccoli, pistachio-black rice cake and lemon aioli. 13.89

Lemon Chicken

Now with organic spinach-noodle cake

Grilled chicken breast, organic spinach, broccoli, organic spinach-noodle cake, lemon vinaigrette, papaya, lemon aioli and dried cranberries. 9.99

Grilled Salmon

Now with pistachio-black rice cake

Grilled sustainable salmon, pistachio-black rice cake, tomato basil sauce, butternut squash-pepita salsa, herb aioli, sun-dried tomato salsa and broccoli. 10.99

Free Range Chicken and Shrimp

Returning Favorite

Crisp natural chicken breast, grilled sustainable shrimp, mashed sweet potatoes, grilled zucchini, guajillo-pumpkin sauce, sun-dried tomato salsa, feta cheese and herb aioli. 10.99

Firecracker Shrimp New

Firecracker Shrimp Grilled sustainable shrimp, firecracker chile sauce, avocado, chile ranch dressing, roasted corn brown rice, black beans, lime-avocado dressing, tortilla strips, cotija cheese and crisp onions. 10.99

Avocado Roasted Corn Bowl

Returning Favorite

Avocado Roasted Corn Bowl Avocado, chipotle corn salsa, roasted corn brown rice, organic spinach, Monterey Jack, black beans, Serrano salsa, lemon vinaigrette, butternut squash-pepita salsa, tortilla strips and cotija cheese. Leaf_Image9.29

Firecracker Organic Chickpea Bowl New

Mashed organic chickpeas, avocado, roasted corn brown rice, firecracker chile sauce, chile ranch dressing, grilled zucchini, tortilla strips, lime-avocado dressing, crisp onions and cotija cheese.Leaf_Image9.29

Beyond Meat Flatbread Sandwich New

Beyond Beef® plant based crumbles, avocado, Monterey Jack, lemon aioli, firecracker chile sauce and organic greens. Served with chips and Aqui slaw.Leaf_Image10.49

Beyond Meat Enchiladas

Based on our famous Cuban Enchiladas

Cuban inspired with roasted plantains, Monterey Jack, Beyond Beef® plant based crumbles rolled in corn tortillas. Served with achiote sauce, sour cream, black beans and Aqui slaw.Leaf_Image10.69

Grilled Mahi Mahi New Salad

Wild Pacific mahi, romaine, blood orange vinaigrette, pistachio-black rice cake, mango, papaya, dried cranberries and lemon aioli. 13.49

Veggie Quesadilla New

Whole wheat tortilla, Beyond Beef® plant based crumbles, mashed organic chickpeas, grilled corn and Monterey Jack.Leaf_Image10.49
Served with organic greens-crunchy cabbage salad.

These are our new dishes on our new menu. Please carefully check ingredients on your favorite menu items because they might have changed.