New Menu Chef Notes & Highlights

Chef Notes

Here’s a Few Informational Ingredients Highlights from our New Menu.

Pistachio-Black Rice Cake New

We use Lundberg, eco-farmed black Japonica rice. Lundberg has been family owned and operated in California since 1937. Black Japonica rice is nutrient dense, high in antioxidants similar to those found in blue and black berries. The cooked rice is mixed with plantain, Monterey Jack, breadcrumbs, herbs and crusted with pistachio nuts. Pistachio nuts are a superfood that are low in calories, high in protein and packed with nutrients.

Barramundi New

Also called Asian Sea Bass, is a fish indigenous to Australia and Southeast Asia. We use a sustainably farm raised fish from Australis (www.TheBetterFish.com). It is raised with no antibiotics, hormones, additives or colorants and is free of mercury, PCB’s and contaminants. High in Omega 3’s and low in calories.

Mashed Organic Chickpeas New

Chickpeas are high in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. These characteristics are responsible for most of their health benefits, which range from weight management to blood sugar control. Our new side dish is vegan and prepared with olive oil, roasted garlic, lemon zest, red bell peppers, thyme, salt and crushed red chile.

Cauliflower-Carrot Escabeche New

Escabeche means pickled or marinated. We use grilled cauliflower, carrots, red bell peppers and red onions flavored with jalapeño, oregano, cumin, allspice, olive oil and white vinegar. This salsa is served cool and crunchy.

Organic Cornmeal Spoon Bread New

Our recipe has organic corn polenta, pumpkin, milk, butter, grilled corn, honey, and cheese. It is cooked on the stove top until it thickens and is served as a side on our Blackened Salmon and Tomato Basil Chicken main plates.

New Dishes

Grilled Sea Bass New

Sustainable Barramundi with chipotle-lemon butter, sun-dried tomato salsa, butternut squash-pepita salsa, grilled flatbread, broccoli and grilled zucchini. 13.89

Free Range Chicken and Shrimp New

Crisp natural chicken breast, grilled sustainable shrimp, pistachio-black rice cake, guajillo pumpkin sauce, grilled zucchini, sun-dried tomato salsa, feta cheese and herb aioli. 10.99

Avocado Tilapia with Grilled Chicken New

Crisp sustainable tilapia, grilled chicken breast, roasted corn brown rice, cauliflower-carrot escabeche, achiote sauce, butternut squash-pepita salsa, lime-avocado dressing, chipotle dressing, avocado and cotija cheese. 10.79

Adobo Chicken Fajitas New

You may now sub with grilled sustainable shrimp
Adobo spiced chicken breast, onions and peppers in a sweet and spicy fajita sauce. Served with avocado-chipotle-black bean nachos, roasted corn brown rice, cotija cheese and corn tortillas. 11.99
-Sub grilled sustainable shrimp 12.99

Achiote Veggie Enchiladas New

Organic polenta, sweet potato, edamame and Monterey Jack rolled in corn tortillas. Served with achiote sauce, chipotle corn salsa, grilled zucchini, red cabbage-daikon radish slaw, feta cheese and mashed organic chickpeas.Leaf_Image10.69

Organic Chickpeas Bowl New

Mashed organic chickpeas, grilled flatbread, organic spinach, grilled zucchini, cauliflower-carrot escabeche, chipotle corn salsa, sun-dried tomato salsa, guajillo pumpkin sauce.Leaf_Image9.29

Avocado-Veggie Supreme Bowl New

Avocado, Monterey Jack, cauliflower-carrot escabeche, chipotle corn salsa, spinach-cilantro rice, pinto beans, firecracker chile sauce, salsa fresca, sour cream, romaine and cotija cheese.Leaf_Image9.29

Vegetarian Tacos New

Taco 1 Grilled zucchini, feta cheese, sun-dried tomato salsa and mashed organic chickpeas.
Taco 2 Avocado, chipotle corn salsa, cotija cheese and mashed black beans.
Served with organic greens-crunchy cabbage salad.Leaf_Image9.89

Veggie Feta Quesadilla New

Tomato tortilla, mashed organic chickpeas, cauliflower-carrot escabeche, grilled corn, black beans, Monterey Jack and feta cheese.Leaf_Image9.99

Thai Peanut Organic Tofu New

Grilled organic tofu, spinach-cilantro rice, broccoli, garbanzo-jicama-edamame mix, red cabbage-daikon radish slaw, mango, papaya, mango dressing and spicy peanut sauce.Leaf_Image9.79
-Sub adobo or grilled chicken breast 10.69