Spring Seasonal Menu Highlights

Chef Notes

Welcome to our spring seasonal menu

We say this every time, but we’re very excited to bring you this new menu and feel it’s our best yet. We actually reached back in time for some old favorite recipes to come up with this menu. One of the items we are particularly excited about is our new enchilada base mix. Yukon potatoes, grilled pasilla chiles and Monterey Jack for our veggie taquitos and enchiladas which we then add grilled free range chicken breast for our new Chicken Enchiladas. We think the flavor on these is awesome.

Beef is back!

We are using a 100% grass fed beef tri-tip which we char-grill then simmer in a flavorful broth until fork tender.


Our Vegetarian category has been completely re-worked with 5 new dishes and changes made to the other three. As always we have modified some classic items so pay particular attention to your favorite dishes which may have changed. Cheers.

These dishes are now available now at All Aqui locations.

Spring Seasonal Menu Highlights

Available at all Aqui locations

Achiote Grass Fed Beef newicon

Braised Tri-Tip with achiote sauce, BBQ sauce, escabeche veggies, organic corn meal-sweet potato fritter, Aqui slaw, red cabbage slaw, chayote-zucchini, herb aioli and cotija cheese. 14.79

Citrus Free Range Chicken changedicon

Panko and herb crusted natural chicken breast, lemon vinaigrette, lime-avocado sauce, red cabbage slaw, red grape-jicama salsa, chayote-zucchini and mashed sweet potatoes. 13.49

West Coast Salmon changedicon

Grilled sustainable salmon, berry vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, cauliflower-chickpea mash, kale, broccoli, red grape-jicama salsa and herb aioli. 14.49

Norteño Beef newicon

Grass fed Tri-Tip, creamy organic polenta, green chile-tomatillo sauce, tortilla strips, chayote-zucchini, chipotle corn salsa, BBQ sauce, escabeche veggies and cotija cheese. 12.49

Lemon Chicken changedicon

Grilled chicken breast, roasted corn brown rice,
kale, broccoli, organic spinach, crisp cauliflower, lemon vinaigrette, red grape-jicama salsa, lemon aioli and dried cranberries. 10.49

Sonoma Enchiladas newicon

Yukon potatoes, fire roasted pasilla chiles, cotija cheese, sweet potato and Monterey Jack rolled in corn tortillas. Served with tomato oregano sauce, green chile-tomatillo sauce, avocado, sweet potato salsa, kale, chayote-zucchini and feta cheese.Leaf_Image10.99

Cotija Taquitos changedicon

Yukon potatoes, fire roasted pasilla chiles, cotija cheese, sweet potato and Monterey Jack rolled in corn tortillas. Served with avocado, achiote sauce, roasted corn brown rice, black beans, red cabbage slaw, lime-avocado dressing, sour cream and cotija cheese.Leaf_Image10.49

Crisp Cauliflower Nachos newicon

Tortilla chips, panko crusted cauliflower, avocado, Monterey Jack, green chile-tomatillo sauce, black beans, chipotle corn salsa, cauliflower-chickpea mash, organic spinach, Aqui veggies, salsa fresca, chipotle dressing, firecracker chile sauce and cotija cheese.Leaf_Image9.99

Romano Organic Polenta Bowl newicon

Creamy organic polenta, tomato oregano sauce, chayote-zucchini, kale, broccoli, Aqui veggies, red cabbage slaw, sun-dried tomato salsa and feta cheese.Leaf_Image9.99

Free Range Chicken and Kale (Salad) newicon

Crisp natural chicken breast, kale, organic spinach, cucumbers, berry vinaigrette, dried cranberries, red grape-jicama salsa, lemon aioli and grilled wheat chips. 11.79

Grass Fed Beef (Burrito) newicon

Braised Tri-Tip with cilantro rice, pinto beans, salsa fresca, lemon aioli, firecracker chile sauce and Monterey Jack in a whole wheat tortilla. 10.49

Adobo Chicken Avocado (Taco) newicon

Adobo spiced chicken breast, avocado, firecracker chile sauce, chipotle corn salsa and cotija cheese. 7.79

BBQ Pork Carnitas (Taco) newicon

Tender braised pork, mashed sweet potatoes, red cabbage slaw, BBQ sauce and chipotle corn salsa. 8.99

Grass Fed Beef (Taco) newicon

Braised Tri-Tip, cowboy dressing, sweet potato salsa, chipotle corn salsa and cotija cheese. 8.99

These are our new dishes from our new menu. Please carefully check ingredients on your favorite menu items because they might have changed.