Tandoori Salmon Enchiladas, Our New Chef Special Begins Wednesday

Tandoori Salmon Enchiladas

Tandoori Salmon Enchiladas
Grilled salmon, Monterey jack, breadcrumbs, cilantro and mint rolled in corn tortillas. Served with a coconut-masala spice sauce, nectarine chutney salsa, organic lentil rice, firecracker chile sauce, blue lake bean-jicama salad and spiced chickpeas. 15.49

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New Swirl Favorites Return to Our Menu Wednesday

New Swirl Favorites Return

Cazadores Watermelon Swirl
Cazadores reposado, Deep Eddy Lemon vodka and fresh watermelon juice swirled with our Industrial Strength Margarita.™

Deep Eddy Mango Swirl
Deep Eddy lemon vodka, Maker’s Mark handmade bourbon, Naranja Liqueur and natural mango juice swirled with our Industrial Strength Margarita.™

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