Barbacoa Roast Pork – Tuesday’s Daily Special!


Barbacoa Roast Pork – Tuesday’s Daily Special
Slow cooked, Coleman natural pork with barbacoa seasoning, pasilla chile relleno filled with potato, Monterey Jack and cotija cheese. Served with organic carrot-red onion salsa, roasted corn organic brown rice and black beans. 10.99

Monday’s Daily Special–Grass Fed Bison Enchiladas


For Monday
Grass Fed Bison Enchiladas

Natural, pasture raised Buffalo, Yukon potatoes, roasted carrots, herbs and Monterey Jack in corn tortillas. Served with charred tomato salsa, southwest stroganoff sauce, roasted spaghetti squash, organic baby kale and organic red quinoa-organic lentil mix. 11.49

Fall Harvest Salmon–Saturday’s Daily Special


For Saturday
Fall Harvest Salmon

Poached sustainable salmon with pomegranate dressing, orange zest aioli, organic butternut squash-dried tomato salsa, organic polenta-sweet potato fritter and organic arugula. 11.99

Thai Curry Salmon Enchiladas – Wednesday’s Daily Special!


Thai Curry Salmon Enchiladas
Sustainable salmon, cilantro, onions, sweet potato and cheese in corn tortillas. Served with coconut-Thai curry sauce, fried organic brown rice, snow peas, Thai BBQ sauce, mango and crispy taro. 10.99