Cajun Chicken Piccata, New Chef Special Begins Wednesday

Cajun Chicken Piccata

Cajun Chicken Piccata
Mary’s free range, air chilled chicken breast grilled with cajun spices. Served with chipotle lemon butter sauce, capers, organic spinach noodle cake, brussel sprouts and sun-dried tomato salsa. 16.29

Tortilla, New Soup Special
Garnished with chipotle corn salsa, tortilla strips and sour cream (vegan if ordered without sour cream). 4.19

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Update: Martini Craft Swirls Now Available at Three Locations

Mojito Martini Swirl

Martini Craft Swirls Update. Now available at Aqui Willow Glen, Aqui Campbell and Starting Wednesday at Aqui Blossom Valley.

Handmade, hand shaken and chilled with our Industrial Strength Margarita™

  • Manhattan Martini Craft Swirl
  • Deep Eddy Lemon Drop Martini Craft Swirl
  • Mojito Martini Craft Swirl
  • Cosmo Martini Craft Swirl
  • Tito’s Driver Martini Craft Swirl

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