Chicken Chile Verde, New Chef Special, Begins Wednesday

Chicken Chile Verde

Chicken Chile Verde
Grilled chicken breast, green chile verde sauce, crisp plantain-sweet potato taquitos, pozole salad, coconut rice, black beans and sour cream. 14.79

Tortilla Soup
Weekly Soup Special with chipotle corn salsa, chip strips and sour cream (Vegan without sour cream). 4.09

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Diestel Turkey Chorizo Tortilla Lasagna, New Chef Special

Diestel Turkey Chorizo Tortilla Lasagna

Diestel Turkey Chorizo Tortilla Lasagna
Natural, free range, California raised turkey with chorizo spices, Yukon potato-pasilla mix, Monterey Jack and asiago layered with wheat tortillas. Served with Guajillo sauce, lime-avocado dressing, fire roasted tomato salsa, organic arugula, zucchini and cotija. 15.29

Butternut Squash Pozole, New Special Soup
With cilantro cabbage garnish (vegan). 4.09

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