New Monthly Special Swirl, Bacardi Blueberry Hurricane

Bacardi Blueberry Hurricane Swirl

Bacardi Blueberry Hurricane Swirl, Our New Monthly Special Starts Wednesday

Bacardi Blueberry Hurricane Swirl
Natural blueberry and pink guava juice, Bacardi Superior rum, vodka and Aqui lemonade swirled with our Industrial Strength Margarita.™ 11.00

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New Chef Special, Guajillo BBQ Chicken Begins Wednesday

Chef Special

Guajillo BBQ Chicken Begins Wednesday

Guajillo BBQ Chicken
Grilled Wayne Farm, free range chicken* with guajillo-BBQ sauce, organic blue corn sope, black beans, Dwelley Farms street corn crema with cotija cheese and a watermelon-organic arugula salad. 14.49
*no antibiotics ever

Tortilla Soup
Soup Special with chip strips, corn salsa and sour cream (vegetarian). 3.99

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