Starting Today–Our New Lineup of Special Bowls!


Our Next Lineup of Special Bowls is Available Now – Something New Everyday!

Pesto Grilled Mahi Mahi Pasta – Thursdays’s Special Bowl!
Cilantro pesto grilled wild Mahi Mahi with tomato basil sauce, penne pasta, butternut squash-dried tomato salsa, organic arugula and garlic croutons. 9.49

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Sesame Grilled Wild Ahi Tuna – Tuesday’s Daily Special!

Sesame Grilled Wild Ahi Tuna - Today's Daily Special

Sesame Grilled Wild Ahi Tuna – Today’s Daily Special

Sesame seed crusted Ahi tuna with bok choy-bean sprout slaw, mango, roasted peanuts, sesame chile sauce, organic quinoa brown rice, edamame-garbanzo-jicama mix and crispy wontons. 12.99

Peach Moonshine BBQ Grass Fed Beef – Friday’s Daily Special

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Peach Moonshine BBQ Grass Fed Beef – Today’s Daily Special
Natural, pasture raised beef with peach moonshine BBQ sauce. Served with organic polenta-sweet potato fritter, zucchini ranch slaw, watermelon-cucumber salsa, herb aioli and cotija cheese. 11.99

Havana Pork – Today’s Special Bowl
Roasted pork-Monterey Jack enchiladas, plantain salsa, achiote sauce, lime-avocado sauce, black beans, roasted corn organic brown rice and Aqui slaw. 8.99

Blackened Salmon Enchiladas – Wednesday’s Daily Special

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Blackened Salmon Enchiladas – Wednesday’s Daily Special
Norwegian, sustainable salmon, Cajun spices, sweet potato, herbs and Monterey Jack in corn tortillas. Served with passion-mango sauce, nectarine salsa, blue lake beans, organic quinoa brown rice and crispy sweet potato chips. 10.99

Peach Moonshine Lemonade Special Swirl – Starts Today!


Peach Moonshine Lemonade Swirl – Our Special Swirl for October Starts Today!
H. Walker & Sons Peach Moonshine, Maker’s Mark handmade bourbon, Aqui lemonade and natural white peach juice swirled with our Industrial Strength Margarita.™ $9.25

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Today’s Daily Special – Cowboy Free Range Chicken!

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Cowboy Free Range Chicken – Our Daily Special For Monday
Crisp, herb and panko crusted Mary’s natural chicken breast with cheddar-Serrano sauce, organic potato-bacon salad, peach chutney salsa and summer beans. 11.29

In the mood for our new Special Bowls?

Barbecue Ranch Pork – Our Special Bowl for Monday
Slow roasted natural pork, BBQ sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, ghost chile ranch dressing, organic greens crunchy cabbage mix, nectarine salsa, crispy onions. 8.99