Willow Glen Idea Menu

Our new Idea Menu begins July 16th at Aqui Willow Glen!

Our chef inspired “Idea Menu” is where we create and develop new dishes that may vary from other locations.  This menu is only available at our Willow Glen restaurant.

Click here to view the new menu.

Click here to download a PDF of our “What’s New” guide summarizing new and updated dishes on our Idea Menu.

Click here to download our updated Food Facts card for our Idea Menu.

New Espresso Sauce

Our Flourless Chocolate Cake is now available with espresso chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Espresso not your thing?  You can still order it with whipped cream, blackberries and blackberry sauce.

Mai Tai Swirl is Back!

Our new July Swirl begins today:

Mai Tai Swirl – Myers’s Dark and Light rums, Rum 151, caramelized pineapple juice and Aqui Sangria swirled with our blended Industrial Strength Margarita.™