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Job requires 1 shift on Saturday night or 1 shift on Sunday night.

Pay is Hourly Base Rate plus participation in Tip Pool.

I understand that my pay is hourly base rate plus tips per hour
(based on the amount of hours I work).

I will go to the restaurant for an in-person interview if I am called by Aqui.

Choose at least 1 Saturday night shift or 1 Sunday night shift you can work.

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Line Cook Willow Glen San Jose

Line Cook Willow Glen San Jose. Aqui Cal-Mex is seeking line cooks offering you above market pay. Employee food discounts. Advancement opportunities. Health Insurance (full-time employees). Sick pay.

About Aqui

Aqui Cal-Mex brings chef creativity to natural, wild and organic foods. We offer healthy eating at affordable pricing to our communities everyday.

Aqui provides meaningful work and relationships for team members. We offer above market wages for the food business and for various stages of a life.

It’s about the food, the details and about the love we have for Aqui. The idea of bringing chefs and cuisine to everyone, every day at affordable pricing. It is food served without the fuss of waiters or a long wait. Aqui is innovative and inspired. Aqui is the kind of place we love to go to. Willow Glen Menu

Our staff and customer health is top priority. We follow COVID-19 guidance from the CDC and Santa Clara County health departments guidance.

Line Cook Willow Glen San Jose. Apply online or attend our Open Interviews every day 2pm-4pm for immediate consideration!

1145 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose Apple Map πŸ“ / Google Map πŸ“

Aqui is an equal opportunity employer.


  • Always follows supervisors direction
  • Prepare food recipes correctly and quickly
  • Keeps food orders flowing continuously
  • Keeps workstation stocked, clean and organized
  • Communicate ticket times to team members
  • Follow all ServSafe food handling procedures
  • Handles, stores and rotates all product properly
  • Maintains a positive and respectful approach with everyone


  • At least one year related experience
  • Able to multitask in a fast paced environment
  • Able to stay calm in high stress situations
  • Must be able to follow direction and be able to receive coaching when needed
  • Ability to use kitchen equipment
  • Ability to obtain a food handlers card/certificate
  • Available nights and weekends
  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time


  • Pay rate average is $25 per hour ($20 base + current average $5 tip pool)
  • Employee food discounts
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Health Insurance (full-time employees)
  • Sick pay


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