Spring Menu Refresh Highlights

Chef’s Notes

Introducing Our Spring Menu Refresh

A simple revision with a few new dishes and some simple detail changes to others. Hope you enjoy!

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Dishes from our Spring Menu Refresh

Chicken Chile Verde

Grilled chicken breast, chile verde sauce, plantain taquitos, pozole escabeche, coconut rice, black beans, sour cream and cotija cheese. 14.59

Lemon Chipotle Chicken

Herb and bread crumb crusted free range chicken breast with coconut rice, red grape-jicama salsa, chipotle-lemon butter and chayote-zucchini. 14.99

Cuban Roast Pork Carnitas

Tender, slow roasted pork with achiote sauce, plantain salsa, coconut rice, black beans, pozole escabeche, red corn chips and cotija cheese. 15.49

Blackened Wild Mahi Mahi

Cajun spiced Pacific mahi with chipotle-lemon butter, red grape-salsa, mashed sweet potatoes and Aqui slaw. 16.29

Lemongrass Organic Tofu

Lemongrass Organic Tofu Grilled organic tofu, organic spinach, coconut rice, lemongrass sauce, red cabbage slaw, organic kale, cucumber, firecracker chile sauce and grilled wheat chips.Leaf_Image11.79

Falafel Tacos

Falafel, mashed black beans, cucumber, sun-dried tomato salsa, firecracker chile sauce and cotija cheese on artisan corn & wheat blended tortillas. Served with mango organic lettuce salad or soup.Leaf_Image 9.79

Plantain Taquitos

Roasted plantains, sweet potato and Monterey Jack rolled in corn tortillas. Served with romaine, black beans, grilled corn, pozole escabeche, lime-avocado dressing, organic kale, avocado and cotija cheese.Leaf_Image11.99