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We are excited to announce our new menu. Highlights include the return of our Grass Fed Beef. We use an Australian, natural, 100% pasture raised beef tri-tip. It is slow cooked in a flavored broth then char-grilled to get a little smokey. It will be available as a main dish, supreme bowl, burrito and as an option for our Cowboy Salad.

Next up is the addition of Jackfruit. It’s a tropical fruit grown in the rainforests of Asia. Karana minimally processes the green fruit and mixes it with pea protein, expeller pressed canola oil, salt and yeast extract to create a ground meat texture. 100% vegan, cholesterol free, non-GMO and high in dietary fiber. We flavor with passion-orange-guava, paprika, salt, black pepper and fresh thyme. It will be available on a supreme bowl and in our Sweet Potato Flauta. An excellent alternative to tofu for someone who likes a bit more texture.

We have a new tamal made from organic blue corn maseca filled with grilled veggies and vegan cheese. It will still be steamed in a banana leaf. We also have a new griddle cooked Potato-Mushroom cake available in a couple of new dishes.

A Few Dishes from our New Menu

Grilled Shrimp Blue Corn Tamal

Grilled shrimp with an organic blue corn-veggie tamal, achiote sauce, avocado, salsa fresca, pozole escabeche, black beans and sour cream. 14.99

Grass Fed Beef Tri-Tip

Slow cooked, then char-grilled pasture raised beef with avocado-chipotle nachos, salsa fresca, guajillo sauce, roasted corn brown rice, black beans, sour cream and cotija cheese. 16.99

Blue Corn Tamal

Organic blue corn-veggie tamal with chayote-zucchini, black beans, roasted corn brown rice, organic kale, organic lentils, achiote sauce, sun-dried tomato salsa and chipotle corn salsa. 12.69

Guajillo Free Range Chicken

Panko crusted chicken breast with melted Monterey Jack. Served with guajillo sauce, sun-dried tomato salsa, herb aioli, chayote-zucchini and mashed sweet potatoes. 15.49

Potato-Mushroom Cake

Grilled mushrooms, Yukon potatoes, vegan cheese, herbs and breadcrumb cake. Served with tomato oregano sauce, organic lentils, roasted corn brown rice, organic kale, chayote-zucchini, sun-dried tomato salsa, herb aioli and feta cheese. 12.99

Sweet Potato Flauta

Mashed sweet potatoes, falafel, jackfruit and vegan cheese rolled in a wheat tortilla. Served with organic lettuce, lime-avocado dressing, lemon vinaigrette, red cabbage slaw and mango. 12.99

Cowboy Salad (with grass fed beef)

Grass fed beef, romaine, grilled corn, sweet potato salsa, black beans, tortilla strips, chile ranch dressing and cotija cheese served on a grilled wheat tortilla. 14.59
Grass fed beef is a new option based on our Cowboy Adobo Chicken salad.

Jackfruit & Organic Lentil Supreme Bowl

Organic lentils, jackfruit, avocado, cilantro rice, pinto beans, romaine, salsa fresca, chipotle corn salsa, Monterey Jack, sour cream and cotija cheese. 12.79


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