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Chips & Salsa Fresca

Leaf_Image 3.79

Black Bean Dip

With sour cream and chips. Leaf_Image 5.59
–order with no sour cream


With firecracker chile sauce and chips.Leaf_Image 5.59

Avocado Dip

Seasoned with mango habanero salsa, lime and cilantro. Served with salsa fresca and chips.Leaf_Image7.49

Aqui Sampler

Avocado dip with salsa fresca, Hummus with firecracker chile sauce, Black Bean Dip with sour cream and chips.Leaf_Image7.49
–order with no sour cream

Sides and Salsa Bar


Organic Tofu
Southwest Succotash
All beans and rice from our menu
Organic quinoa

Salsa Bar

All salsas are acceptable –avoid dressings and sour cream

Updated May, 2019