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Wild Alaskan Cod Tacos

Crisp wild cod, mashed black beans, jalapeƱo tartar, corn-jicama salsa and citrus carrots on corn tortillas. Served with organic greens mango salad. 8.99

Organic Tofu-Plantain Tamale Bowl

Grilled organic tofu with plantain tamale, achiote sauce, black beans, red cabbage slaw, lime-avocado sauce, chipotle dressing, cotija cheese and crisp plantains. 8.99

Falafel Hummus Bowl

House made falafel, hummus, cucumber, organic spinach, firecracker chile sauce, lime-avocado sauce, garbanzo-jicama-edamame mix and feta cheese on a grilled whole wheat tortilla. 8.99

Achiote Grass Fed Beef

Braised, natural grass fed beef with achiote sauce, BBQ sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, Aqui slaw, corn-jicama salsa, herb aioli and crisp onions. 12.99

Grilled Chicken Ranch Bowl

Grilled chicken breast, roasted corn brown rice, black beans, avocado, cowboy ranch dressing, firecracker chile sauce, tortilla strips, lime avocado sauce and cotija cheese. 9.99

Pomegranate-Apple-Mango Salmon

Grilled, British Columbia sustainable salmon with pomegranate vinaigrette, lemon dressing, organic baby kale, roasted corn brown rice, apples, mango, dried cranberries and lemon aioli. 10.89

California Free Range Chicken

Crisp, panko crusted Zacky Farms chicken breast with organic tofu, red cabbage-daikon radish slaw, spinach-cilantro rice, lemon vinaigrette, papaya salsa, herb aioli and broccoli. 10.29

Updated: 06/20/2018

Menu and prices are subject to change without notice. Prices do not include tax.