Menu Offerings without Gluten IngredientsNatural, Wild & Organic

Many foods in our kitchen contain gluten (wheat) ingredients, so interaction of ingredients is possible given our horizontal work surface system. These dishes from our menu are prepared without gluten ingredients and we cannot make any other accommodations. Due to our horizontal work surface system, we cannot guarantee that the items listed here are 100% gluten free. Thank you for understanding.

Items prepared without gluten (wheat)

Main Plates

West Coast Salmon
Blackened Salmon –order with no chip garnish


BBQ Pork –order with no crisp onions
Adobo Chicken Lime-Avocado
Lemon Chicken
Apple-Cranberry Chicken


Avocado Roasted Corn Bowl –order with no tortilla strips


Grilled Salmon
Blackened Salmon
Grilled Chicken Quinoa Apple


Adobo or Grilled Chicken
Citrus Pork Carnitas
Grilled Salmon


Classic Kid’s Chicken Bowl
Pork Carnitas Bowl


Flourless Chocolate Cake


Grilled salmon, grilled chicken, citrus pork carnitas, tofu, mashed sweet potatoes, broccoli, Aqui slaw, all rice and beans from the menu

Salsa Bar

All dressings and salsas are acceptable

Allergy and Food Facts Info

See our complete Allergy and Food Facts Info brochure related to our current main menu.
Allergy and Food Facts Info