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Our Food

We start with chefs who love to prepare dishes using all the influences of what is known as California cuisine. Each dish is created and inspired by using fresh seasonal herbs, produce and meats. We then mix in modern influences from the flavors of Asia, the American Southwest and Latin America. This is what we call Cal-Mex cuisine.

Our Ingredients Our Ingredients

We love our food and take pride in the ingredients we choose. Our menu changes frequently to take advantage of the best local, seasonal and fresh ingredients to achieve our mission of providing the best and most unique dishes we can.

Food Allergy Food Allergy

Even though we take great care in the preparation of our dishes, we cannot completely guarantee that your order will be allergen free. Before placing your order, please inform your cashier if you or anyone in your party has a food allergy.

Green Aqui Green Aqui

Selecting thoughtful options means deciding on products that offer the right compromise between many factors. We take into consideration the utility of the product, the price, safety and it’s environmental impact.