Aqui and Covid-19

Update March 1, 2022

Hello Community,

Today the County of Santa Clara Health Department has lifted the indoor mask mandate and masks are no longer required, including when visiting at Aqui. We will continue to monitor the government mandates and/or adjust the Aqui requirement if there are changes in cases etc. Thank you.

–The Aqui Staff

Update August 2, 2021

Hello Community,

Today the County of Santa Clara has ordered mask wearing for all persons while indoors.

We thank you for your compliance to this public order from the Santa Clara Health Officer. The official order can be seen by clicking here. 

–The Aqui Staff

Update July 27, 2021

Hello Community,

As of July 26th we are returning to requiring customers to wear a mask. We understand this can be frustrating but out of an abundance of caution we are asking that you wear a mask when approaching any counter or moving through the restaurant.

We thank you for your understanding and really appreciate your compliance.

–The Aqui Staff

Update June 14, 2021

Hello Community,

As of June 15th the state has announced it’s reopening and Aqui will be at 90%-100% indoor seating capacity at all locations.

Please, when visiting Aqui Masks are Required if Not Vaccinated. We ask for voluntary compliance at this time.

For our Team’s Health
 through this summer, please voluntarily wear a mask at 
any order or pickup counter.

We really appreciate it.

–The Aqui Staff

Update June 8, 2021

Hello Community,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Due to current supply shortages, some of your favorites may be temporarily out of stock.

We are working to resolve all issues every day.

Update May 13, 2021

Hello Community,

There’s been lots of confusion about masks on or off. Aqui house rules continue to require a mask-on policy except when eating at a table, even if our customers are vaccinated. We will revisit the mask on policy on June 16th, once the state of California has proposed ending of restrictions.

On another note, all Aqui locations are now open at 50% interior capacity.

Update April 15, 2021

Hello Community,

We are we excited to announce that we will be moving towards indoor dining Mid-Late May! We appreciate your patience while we finalize on our plan to manage our employees and customers safely into this next phase. Until then our outdoor patios remain available to our customers as well as our take out options.   

Update March 2, 2021

Hello Communities,

You may have heard the news that Santa Clara County is now in the 25% indoor seating re-opening Red Tier phase. Not only are we excited to be moving towards full operation, but we are also excited to finally be at a turning point in our effort to achieve a safe environment.  

We want our reopening to be as safe as possible and therefore, we’ve made the decision to postpone while we work on the logistics for maintaining a high level of safety for our employees and customers. We will continue with our Takeout and Open Patio plan and use March as a timeline to build our vaccine depth within our team. Our goal is to help improve workforce and customer safety BEFORE re-opening. We think this seems reasonable and look forward to working into a 50% open seating scenario in April or May.

We appreciate all the support each neighborhood has given our stores, it helped keep the doors open. 

In the meantime, we will be installing our newest menu with Tri tip dishes returning and continue working to get all our teams vaccinated. We hope all our customers do the same.


Update Dec 25, 2020

To Our Aqui Community,

These are trying and uncertain times and we hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy. While this is an extremely fluid situation and the world seems to change a bit every day, we feel the most impactful way to ease the minds of the Aqui community is to share monthly highlights about what continued steps we’re taking to keep our employees safe and healthy.

Our primary focus remains the health and safety of our employees and customers visiting Aqui. As the Covid-19 situation continues to evolve, Aqui continues to tighten procedures and implement more impactful measures to ensure the safety of our teams.

Here is what you can expect from us:
  • All employees are required to have their temperature taken at the time they arrive to work
  • All employees are asked to answer pre-screening health questions before clocking in
  • Aqui provides masks, gloves, face shields and goggles to all employees. It is required that mask and gloves are worn at all times inside of the restaurant
  • High use items such as our credit card machines and pagers are sanitized after each use as well door handles and hard surfaces throughout the shift
  • Product sampling is not allowed. This follows the Health Department’s rule to prevent unnecessary contact further reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission
  • We also have restrictions on how many customers and employees we have in the restaurant at any given time
  • Masks must be on and 6ft distance while on Aqui premises are required and signs prominently posted
  • Staff is required to move every ten minutes if within six feet of any co worker. This exceeds the six foot-fifteen minute rule now advocated by the SCCHD
  • The restaurant is deep cleaned every morning before opening and every night after closing far above normal operating procedures for SIP and C19
  • We are now offering “Touchless Menus” for each of our locations. Simply scan the the code presented on our exterior windows and use your mobile phone to see our menu.
Ordering from Aqui

We are strongly recommending our takeout customers order ahead online from our website. When you arrive at Aqui, if any waiting is necessary, it will be done so outside as mandated by Santa Clara County. Of course with social distancing and masks worn appropriately. Phone orders are still available. Walk in orders are still available but limited and all waiting will be done outside the facility in a separate area from our online/phone order area.

Outdoor Table Seating and Patios

Effective Jan 27, 2021 our patios will re-open. Santa Clara County has moved to Purple tier allowing outdoor seating. Our outdoor patios will be open with self-service seating with food and drinks provided in takeout containers. Our Patio rules will follow the guidelines provided by Santa Clara County.

Committed to the Communities

While it’s essential that we adopt new ways of interacting to protect the health of our communities doing so can bring moments of unease and isolations. We will continue to follow SCCHD and CDC updated guidances to prevent workplace exposure to Covid-19. Regardless of which Aqui location you choose to visit, we are at full speed and operational, and we will continue to serve the community with the same integrity and commitment as we did before this crisis. We hope that you continue to trust and support us through this.

Thank You

We hope that you and those around you are and remain safe. We are privileged to have you as a customer. Even in this unprecedented situation, we are working hard to continue serving you as best we can. Thank you for your continued business, and your trust.


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