Which groups are eligible for a Community Night at Aqui?

Our Community Night program is strictly for educational groups (neighborhood schools) and other not-for-profit programs that provide critical services inside our community. Our program could not sustain the volume of requests that we receive without these guidelines; otherwise we would be in the uncomfortable position of choosing amongst many applications only those that are “more deserving” of scheduling an event.

As such, we have narrowed our mission for this program and have chosen to focus on neighborhood schools and non-profit organizations providing direct community support.
Direct community support includes public education, athletic and academic programs for children and feeding the hungry.

When will the proceeds check be mailed?

Our accounting week ends each week on Tuesday and fundraisers for that week are processed on Friday. You will receive an automatic e-mail when we process the tickets from your event with the number of tickets and net proceeds amount. The proceeds check is usually mailed that day.

Tuesday events: Tuesday is the last day of our accounting week. Proceeds are processed on Friday of the SAME week.

Wednesday events: Wednesday is the first day of our accounting week. Proceeds will be processed on Friday of the FOLLOWING week.

Why do we recommend that guests order at the cashier counter instead of the Saddle Bar?

Please be aware that the heavy volumes of our stores complicate our efforts during Community Nights. We ask that community groups focus most, if not all, of the ordering from the cashier counter and not the bar. Errors with credit for the program can happen when we are very busy and the Saddle Bar’s are almost always active at night. We also ask that any Community Night respect the program as for food and drink, and not intended to be a drinking event only. That is not where we would like to provide support funding from.

Should I bring copies of the invitation with me on the night of the event?

No. Invitations are an informational piece to make it easier for the event coordinator to invite their group’s members. You and your guests do not need to bring the invitation with you. Passing out invitations to our patrons or neighbors is not permitted. Why?

Common sense suggest that Aqui is gifting all of the profits from any sale to the approved group. This can only take place if our regular business is not solicited to participate in the endless Community Nights that are held every week at Aqui. Please do not ask our patrons to claim affinity with your group and thereby penalize our good will. Any group that does so will forfeit future privileges at our stores. Thanks for your understanding and for allowing our regular customers to enjoy their visit!

Why aren’t Community Nights offered on the other nights?

We feel very fortunate to be busy at our restaurants. Unfortunately, this means that on most nights we are too impacted to accommodate a Community Night while still making sure we can make it a great exprience for all of our patrons and guests.