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Sunday BrunchNatural, Wild & Organic

  • Pancakes, Sausage and Eggs

  • Sunday Brunch Bowls

  • Monterey Scramble


Pancakes, Sausage and Eggs

Our signature pancakes made from organic blue corn served with scrambled eggs, turkey-apple sausage, roasted Yukon potatoes, fresh fruit and pure maple syrup. 10.49

Diestel Turkey Apple Sausage Scramble

House made, free range turkey-apple sausage, scrambled eggs, roasted Yukon potatoes, tomatillo sauce, achiote sauce and cotija cheese. 10.59

Citrus-Cumin Pork Scramble

Slow roasted pork carnitas, scrambled eggs, black beans, cotija taquitos, lime-avocado sauce, sour cream and achiote sauce. 10.29

Monterey Scramble

Organic polenta, sweet potato, edamame and cheese enchiladas with scrambled eggs, tomato-basil sauce, roasted corn organic brown rice, avocado, corn-jicama salsa and feta cheese. 9.79


Huevos Rancheros

Scrambled eggs, roasted Yukon potatoes, mashed black beans, tomatillo sauce, avocado, salsa fresca, Monterey Jack, corn tostaditas and sour cream. 8.29

Chicken Enchilada Scramble

Our chicken enchiladas with scrambled eggs, organic quinoa brown rice, black beans, ancho chile sauce, sour cream and pumpkin seed salsa. 8.99


Served with roasted Yukon potatoes, broccoli and lemon vinaigrette.

Avocado Serrano

Avocado, scrambled eggs, Serrano salsa, corn-jicama salsa and mashed black beans on corn tortillas. 8.29

Bacon and Eggs

Scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, salsa fresca, chipotle dressing and mashed black beans on corn tortillas. 8.49


Add a drink for 95¢ (for children 12 and under please).

Kid’s Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Sausage

Served with roasted Yukon potatoes and fruit. 5.29

Kid’s Pancake and Scrambled Eggs

Our signature pancake made from organic blue corn served with scrambled eggs, roasted Yukon potatoes, fruit and pure maple syrup. 5.29


Blue Corn Pancakes

(2 ea) with pure maple syrup. 4.99

Diestel Turkey Apple Sausage

(3 ea). 3.89

Scrambled Eggs

3 eggs. 3.79

Roasted Yukon Potatoes


Prices do not include tax. Menu and prices are subject to change without notice.